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“I always aim to be timeless and undated. But that’s difficult with the world behaving as it does. Everything wants to be close – family, dog, friends and travel destinations. My mouth waters at the very thought of Paris or the steady base drum at a concert. So instead I compensate for this distance and isolation with my brushes. I paint the forbidden embraces and cancelled adventures as thickly as I can, travelling every day from my heart to the surface of my paintings, back and forth. You could almost say that I commute in my imagination. And the result will be the closest I have ever done.”

All of the paintings are made in oil on panel. They are framed with birch frame at Bergevall Ramar in Stockholm, carefully packaged in handmade boxes with signed titles on the front. The artworks are signed at the front and at the back.

[Year 2020, oil on panel, 20 x 14 x 3 cm, birch frame]
Price: 16 000 SEK