Curator: Kaimei Wang
Artist: Jesper Waldersten
Duration: March 9 – April 28, 2013
Opening Party: 5-7 pm, March 9, 2013
Venue: Room 26, No.1331 Middle Fuxing Road, Shanghai

A year in Sweden is distinctive because of its long and bright summer, white nights versus the short and dark winter, black days. Consequently Swedes are formed by such extreme nature conditions: happy and delightful in the summer; melancholy and gloomy in the winter. “White Nights, Black Days” are some precise words that quite vividly catch the soul of this quiet Nordic people whose experience of life are depicted here by the Swedish artist Jesper Waldersten – with simple black lines on white paper.

Every day for the entire year of 2011, Jesper Waldersten created one unique image and thus completed a visual diary. With his witty commentary, clever puns and razor-sharp black humour, Waldersten guides us through a universe where he is an observer, a creator, an actor and a spectator all at the same time. You may laugh at the clever wordplay, but there are also moments you will slow down in a depth of seriousness.

From being one of Sweden’s most popular illustrators and cutting satirist, with numerous international awards behind him, Jesper Waldersten (born 1969) has rapidly turned into a recognised and distinctive artist in Sweden. His characteristic black lines on white paper rule most of his creation, but he is always free to challenge different medias and collaborate with musicians, printmakers and even star chefs. The result is unpredictable, ingenious and usually unsettling. But most importantly they do affect the beholders.