About the artist

From being one of Sweden’s most popular illustrators and cutting satirist, with numerous international awards behind him, Jesper Waldersten (born 1969) has rapidly made a name for himself as a recognised and distinctive artist.

With his inimitable style in which he seemingly unhindered mixes words, photos, music and draughtsmanship, he creates images where nothing is static, nothing is obvious. The result is unpredictable, ingenious and usually unsettling; you may laugh at the clever wordplay, the sharp humour and the contemporary commentaries but lurking throughout is a depth of seriousness.

He has published several highly acclaimed books and has exhibited in Sweden and abroad to very positive reviews. Waldersten lives in Mariefred, outside Stockholm.


2018 Kulturhuset, “Astrid Lindgren/Bröderna Lejonhjärta/Jesper Waldersten, Stockholm
2016 Vida Konsthall, “Vägen ut finns här inne”, Öland
2013 Darkland, “Heavily armed Souls”, Berlin, Germany
2013 Room 26, Middle Fuxing Road, White nights, Black days, Shanghai
2012 Skellefteå Konsthall, “Waldersten365:64, Skellefteå, Sweden
2012 Linnman Gallery “Royal Leftovers”, Jönköping, Sweden
2011 Grafikens Hus, “Den ganska långa vägen hit”, Mariefred, Sweden
2011 Gallery Jonas Kleerup “Waldersten365”, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Kulturhuset, ”Here I Am”, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Frans Suell, “Malmösviten”, Malmö, Sweden
2003 Färgfabriken “One black line”, Stockholm

2016/17 Vida Konsthall ”Vinter”, Öland, Sweden
2016 Engravings, Pointe et Burin, Paris
2010 Braverman Gallery, “Worshipping the Sun” with Tunbjörk and Ödlund, Tel Aviv
2008 Färgfabriken North “Teleport Färgfabriken”, Sweden
2001“The New Europeans”, Stockholm, Sweden
2000 Galleri Charlotte Lund, “People that don´t exist”, Stockholm, Sweden


2016 Walderstenen, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2016 “Vägen ut finns här inne”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2015 “POEM”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2014 “Allt Brinner!”, Kartago
2013 “Walderstens Instagram”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2012 “Kent Waldersten. Lägg er inte i!”, Telegram Bokförlag
2011 “Waldersten365”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2007 ”Here I Am”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2006 “Jesper Walderstens Painting Book”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2004 “Full of Emptyness”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2003 “One Black Line”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2003 “Godnattfnatt”, Bokförlaget Max Ström
2002 “Tack för senast din djävel”, Bokförlaget Max Ström

2017 Kenneth Kvarnström, Stadsteatern
2017 Tomas Alfredson, Bergmans Reliquarium,
2015 Lee Cotter & Astrid Ohlsson, By The Number
2015/2016 Ane Brun
2012 Kent
2012 Madonna


2017 Swedish Book Art Award for ”Vägen ut finns här inne”
2016 Swedish Design Award, “POEM”
2013 Swedish Photobook Award 2013
2012 Swedish Design Award for “Waldersten365”. 1 Silver and 1 Daredevil Award.
2012 Swedish Book Art Award for ”Waldersten365”
2010 Best of Newspaper Design 2009. Award of Exellence
2007 Kolla Graphic Design&Illustration. 1 Gold
2006 Best of Newspaper Design 2005. 1 Award of Exellence
2005 Best of Newspaper Design 2004. 2 Silver
2004 Kolla Graphic Design&Illustration 2004. 1 Gold, 2 Silver
2004 Swedish Book Art Award for ”Godnattfnatt”
2004 Best of Newspaper Design 2003. 1 Gold and 1 Award of Exellence
2003 Best of Newspaper Design 2002. 1 Gold and 1 Award of Exellence
2002 Best of Newspaper Design 2001 Scandinavia. 1 Silver
2002 Best of Newspaper Design 2001. 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Award of Exellence


Kulturrådet, Sweden
Skellefteå Konsthall, Sweden
Jönköpingsläns Museum, Sweden
Färgfabriken Nord, Sweden
Grafikens Hus, Sweden
Vida Museum & Konsthall, Öland


2017 ”Portvakten”, bronze sculpture, Norra Djurgården by Stockholmshem, Sweden
2016 “Låt aldrig någonting stå”, Bolidenskolan Skellefteå, Sweden