1100 Degrees / CFHILL

From Constantinople to Cyborg futurism — A story in bronze at CFHILL December 3 — January 7, 2022.

The exhibition 1100 Degrees is a celebration of Swedish sculpture and its close ties to one of our most remarkable craftsmen and entrepreneurs in the modern age. Herman Bergman, whose incredible drive, self-confidence, fearlessness about the unknown, and care for his loved ones and co-workers allowed him to create a movement that wouldn’t just elevate Swedish art in general, but also make an international impact.

This represents a goldmine of insight into a key part of our Swedish art historical heritage, which emerged during those dynamic and eventful decades in the last century.

Waldersten participates with the bronze, INIT, 2020-2021, Edition 2 of 3 + 1 AP, Bronze, 78 x 42 x 54 cm.

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