Slutet är fantastiskt! CFHILL 15 Februari – 15 Mars 2024

In the ethereal space between dreams and reality, where imagination takes flight and narratives are woven with strokes of genius, lies the captivating world of Jesper Waldersten. As we prepare to unveil his latest exhibition, Slutet är fantastiskt! (The end is fantastic!), we embark on a profound exploration of Waldersten’s artistic mind.



On restaurant Michelle Van Der Milles ”Milles”, at Strandvägen 1 in Stockholm, there´s now a unique Waldersten collection that covers he´s entire palette. It features originals from Waldersten365, prints from the exhibition ”Den ganska långa vägen hit”, drawings from “Here I come.” and 27 new works which have not been exhibited before. Enjoy.

Adress: Strandvägen 1
For table reservation please call: +46 8 663 8002