The Family Tree Series/ Drypoint etching

“The Family Tree” has been with me for some time now. Like fruits too heavy for the brittle tree, the skulls hang like relatives on bare branches. Some haunted and restless. Others confident, calm and seemingly well-off. The armor we wear under the smile. Beneath the tears. The form I can’t figure out. The silent stone that I return to with the one question. When? I decorate, give it new accessories, look deep into the eyeholes for a hidden light. For the journey that once took place.

The Family Tree currently consists in three different motifs/ family members, Gloria, Målbild (Life Goals) and All Nature. They are available in an edition of 20 and are delivered in a handmade box. If you order from the web and need shipping, the artwork will come in a tube.

Titles: All Natur, Gloria, Målbild
[Year 2020, drypoint etching, 49 x 37 cm, edition 20]

Price: 7 500 SEK (Tax included, no frame)


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